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Dictators Forever Forever Dictators: A Tribute to the Dictators Vol. 1

(lp/cd, Roto RTI-205, Spain, 1996)

Intro - God Bless the Dictators
Turbonegro - The Party Starts Now!!
The Pleasure Fuckers - Faster & Louder
The Fleshtones - New York New York (with additional vocals by Andy Shernoff and Handsome Dick Manitoba)
Fifi & the Mach III - Back to Africa
Boyz Nex' Door - (I Live for) Cars and Girls
Sex Museum - Haircut and Attitude
The Nomads - The Minnesota Strip
The Golden Arms - Young, Fast, Scientific
The Prissteens - What It Is
Sator - I Want You, Tonight
The Sons of Hercules - Had It Coming
Mcrackins - I Stand Tall
Jimmy Keith & the Shocky Horrors - Prototype
Electric Frankenstein - Borneo Jimmy
Shock Treatment - 16 Forever
69 Eyes - Science Gone Too Far!
Mad Daddys - Teengenerate
Jeff Dahl Trio - Stay With Me

Dictators Forever Forever Dictators: A Tribute to the Dictators Vol. 2

(lp/cd, Roto RTI-206, Spain, 1997)

Lightning Beat-Man - Intro
The Vikings - The Next Big Thing
Powder Monkeys - Two Tub Man
Rick Blaze & the Ball Busters - No Tomorrow
Parasites - Loyola
The Campus Tramps - D.W.I.
Asteroid B 612 - Sleeping With the TV On
Tom Clark and the High Action Boys - Hey Boys
Furious George - Perfect High
The Young Fresh Fellows - Heartache
Nuevo Catecismo Catolico - Baby, Let's Twist
TV Killers - Weekend
Wanda Chrome & the Leather Pharaons - Fired Up
Los Vivos - Steppin' Out
The Phantom Fliers - Speedball
The Fastbacks - Exposed
Hellacopters - Master Race Rock
Los Morta - I Am Right
Labanak - No Tomorrow
The Wretched Ones - America the Beautiful
Angel Corpus Christi - Sleeping With the TV On


Bum - Weekend
Chatterbox - Stay With Me
Conditionz - The Minnesota Strip
Creamers - Stay With Me
Date Bait - Master Race Rock
Del-Lords - Stay With Me
Devil Dogs - Loyola
Devil Dogs - Stay With Me
Drivin' & Cryin' - The Minnesota Strip (live)
Eels - Had It Coming
Frankenstein 3000 - "Pussy and Money" off America's Hit Remakers (2005)
Future Dads - The Minnesota Strip (live)
Government Cheese - Stay With Me
Jack & the Beanstalks - Who Will Save Rock & Roll?
Lawn Vultures - Stay With Me, Hey Boys
Legend Killers - Baby, Let's Twist (live)
Los Guarriors - Stay With Me
Meatmen - Faster & Louder
Metal Mike - The Next Big Thing
Mighty Ions - Master Race Rock (live)
Mighty Ions - The Minnesota Strip (live)
Mighty Ions - The Next Big Thing (live)
Mighty Ions - Stay With Me (live)
Nine Pound Hammer - Two Tub Man (also live version)
Nomads - The Next Big Thing (also live version)
Nomads -16 Forever (also live version)
The Poor & Broke - The Minnesota Strip (live), New York New York (live)
Punch Drunk Monkeys - New York New York (live)
Roddy Rayda - Master Race Rock
Screaming Cheetah Wheelies - Faster & Louder
Screaming Tribesmen - Stay With Me
Secret Service - Stay With Me (live)
16 Forever - Loyola
16 Forever - Stay With Me
The Smugglers - Stay With Me
Spanker - Haircut and Attitude (live)
Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones - Baby, Let's Twist
Tommyknockers - Haircut and Attitude
Trilobites - Faster & Louder
Turbonegro - The Party Starts Now!! (on their Small Feces CD)
Untamed Youth - (I Live for) Cars and Girls
Vacant Lot - Loyola
Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs - Faster & Louder
Wreck Creation - Faster & Louder
Wreck Creation - Two Tub Man
Yo La Tengo - Loyola (live)
Young Fast Scientific - The Minnesota Strip (live)
Young Fast Scientific - Stay With Me (live)
Young Fresh Fellows - Teengenerate


Teengenerate (band named after Dictators song).
16 Forever (band named after Dictators song).
Yo La Tengo have performed "The Next Big Thing."
Hanoi Rocks nicked the NBT riff on "Mental Beat" from their album Back to Mystery City.
Danzig stole the intro of "The Minnesota Strip" and used it somewhat modified on "Dirty Black Summer; we also have reports he turned it into "Twist of Cain" from his first release and "Snakes of Christ" the "sequel."
Turbonegro stole the NBT-riff and used it in their song "Get It On" on the 1998 album Apocalypse Dudes.
Todd Abramson's Young, Fast, Scientific 'zine named after Dictators song.
Lindsay Hutton's The Next Big Thing 'zine named after Dictators song.
Ben Vaughn's LP "The Many Moods Of..." contains a tune called "Wrong Haircut." In tiny print it says "Special thanks to Adny Shernoff for inspiring 'Wrong Haircut.'"

Special thanks to Jeroen Vedder, Steve Coleman, Lindsay Hutton, Sal Cincotta and Stephen Halpern. Additions and corrections should be sent to