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  • New"Dyehard" Dics fans get their look from Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic.
  • Andy is working on writing an intro for author Clifford Lawrence Meth's upcoming short-story collection from Aardwolf Publishing.
  • Read Dictators lore and simultaneously groove to "I Stand Tall" at Little Steven's website. Little Steven also mentions the band and the bar in an online essay.
  • If you've seen the Dictators on the road in the U.S. the past couple of years, you've seen our road manager, CJ Scioscia. CJ runs his own studio -- Le Chateau BowWow Recording.
  • features an interesting theory on the cause of the Great Blackout of 2003, plus the Hillbilly Dictators Jihad tribute pages.
  • This site stockpiles links to Richard Meltzer's contributions to high culture.
  • New York City Search includes a write-up and photo of HDM's bar, Manitoba's (99 Ave. B, between 6th and 7th).
  • Be sure to download the promo reel from the official site of the film Final Rinse, which features the Dictators.
  • Take some courting tips from HDM at Perfect Date.

The Merchants

  • ROIR has a page dedicated to "The Dictators Live: New York New York."
  • Norton Records was behind several recent releases.
  • A split 7" record with the Hellacopters and the Powder Monkeys covering 'Tators songs--and posing in a hilarious and cool sleeve--has been released by Safety Pin Records in Spain.