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This section is dedicated to news, reviews, interviews, etc., published during the Dictators' reign. Submissions of articles and photos are welcome and encouraged. Please send items to


  • Andy and HDM were interviewed by Italian webzine Teenage Angst (in Italian and English) in advance of the Dics' Italian shows in October 2003.
  • Metro Times Detroit talks to both Andy and Handsome Dick in "'Tator Tautology."
  • The I-94 Bar reviews the Dictators' April 2003 show at New Jersey's Court Tavern.
  • Andy tells New Jersey's Pulse how the band keeps things interesting on its spring 2002 tour.
  • Fat City Magazine features an April 2003 interview with Andy.
  • Manitoba talks to the Sydney Morning Herald in August 2002 about Jayne County, Kurt Cobain and Jack Dempsey.
  • In August of 2002, Brisbane's Courier-Mail learns why Andy says his generation is not the salvation.
  • Andy in The Age of Melbourne in August 2002: "We're a bunch of guys in our late 40s who were never any big stars or had any hit records, but we're able to have a career and play just about any city in the world, and we're pretty happy about that."
  • Radio station WFMU offers streaming audio of a June 5, 2002, Manitoba interview .
  • The May 2002 edition of Scene, aka "London's Entertainment Paper," featured the band on the cover and ran the article "The Dictators' Long Road to Punk Success." Top, bottom
  • The April 2002 edition of French magazine Rock & Folk quotes both Andy and HDM in its cover article about the Big Apple and calls The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! "everlasting" in its list of quintessential New York rock discs.
  • Dutch magazine Aloha gives D.F.F.D. its top score of five A's in its March 2002 review and lists it as a recommended disc.
  • The Village Voice talks to Andy about Joey Ramone's solo album in the March 2002 article "Punks in the Hall."
  • Italian punk zine Be Nice To Mommy features a February 2002 interview with Andy (in Italian).
  • Andy is quoted in a tribute to Joey Ramone in I Wanna Magazine (in Spanish).
  • The Dictators were named 8th-best group and Ross the Boss was picked as 9th-best guitarist by Popular 1 Magazine from Spain, and D.F.F.D. made 11 out of 20 writers' year-end top albums lists. Photo
  • The band was the cover story in the December 2001 issue of Spanish magazine G'77. Cover, Page 1 Pages 2-3, Pages 4-5, Pages 6-7
  • German-based Enough Fanzine features a December 2001 interview with Andy.
  • I Wanna Magazine -- -- interviews Andy en Espanol in the fall of 2001.
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviews HDM before the 'Tators' July 2001 show there.
  • Andy and Ross the Boss pull up stools to the I-94 Bar.
  • Guitar site Snap Pop! Online seeks the meaning of "Two Tub Man."
  • NewThe Jan. 17, 2008, edition of The Broward-Palm Beach New Times reviews HDM's The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists.
  • NewRolling Stone's Fricke's Picks of Jan. 16, 2008, features Every Day Is Saturday.
  • reviews Every Day Is Saturday in December 2007.
  • According to the I-94 Bar, the Dictators' Aug. 23, 2002, show at the Metro Theatre in Sydney featured "the sort of set only a band with the back catalogue of the Dictators can put together."
  • At the show at Crest Hotel, Sylvania, Sydney, on Aug. 24, 2002, "was it possible to top the previous night"? The I-94 Bar has the answer.
  • Australia's Rave Magazine calls the Dictators "the ultimate in rock n roll coolness" in its August 2002 review of their Aug. 16, 2002, show in Brisbane.
  • Chart Attack says the May 31, 2002, at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto "rocked loud and fast."
  • The I-94 Bar caught the Dictators "at the top of their game" on March 8, 2002, in Dallas.
  • Brett Milano reviews the "all-American" band's Feb. 23, 2002, show in Boston for the Boston Herald.
  • "The Dictators left little doubt about what town holds their hearts," says Variety in its review of the band's homecoming show Nov. 30, 2001, at New York City's Bowery Ballroom.
  • Longtime Dictator fan Jeroen Vedder writes in the Orgie Newsletter that his first-ever Dictators gig surpassed all his expectations and was "an example of entertainment as it should be."
  • The I-94 Bar reviews the May 2001 show in Dallas.
  • Spanish publication Todas las Novedades del Mes calls the Dictators' Madrid show in October 2000 the best concert of the year.
  • This review of the Dictators concert in Chicago on Dec. 8, 2000, was published in the Dec. 18 issue of The Wicker Park Voice.
  • The Sept. 18, 2000, Washington Post checks out the band's Black Cat gig.
  • Find out what they had to say about the band's Aug. 13 performance at the 2000 Las Vegas Shakedown on
  • New"Former Dictators Issue Punk-Rock Food Rules" in the Dec. 5, 2007, issue of New York magazine features HDM's and Andy's contributions to The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists.
  • NewManitoba's Official Punk Rock Book of Lists is featured in the Dec. 5, 2007, issue of The Chattanooga Pulse.
  • NewThe Dec. 2, 2007, Pulse section of the New York Post goes "Table Hopping" at Manitoba's.
  • Teenage Angst 'zine features a Dics bio (in Italian).
  • Metal scribe Martin Popoff names Bloodbrothers one of his favorite albums.
  • Twisted Sister's Dee Snider cites the Dictators' "Next Big Thing" as an influence in an interview at the Metal Sludge website.
  • The Japanese reissue of Manifest Destiny lands on Brian Smith's best of 2002 list in Detroit weekly Metro Times.
  • Handsome Dick's son, Jake, debuts in the New York Post and on MTV News Online.
  • Check out some great pics from the Feb. 16, 2002, show in Washington, D.C.
  • features photos of the Providence, R.I., show at the Met Cafe on Feb. 22, 2002.
  • Dorothy Lee captured some great photos of Manitoba's Wild Kingdom at the Dec. 4, 2001, Helen Wheels tribute in New York City and several terrific shots of the January 2002 Wild Kingdom show, also in New York, New York.
  • See photos of the Dictators, Fleshtones and Lyres at the May 13, 2001, WCNI Radio benefit concert in New London, Conn.
  • Check out a set list and tickets from the band's October 2000 stops in Spain.
D.F.F.D. Press and Reviews
  • Falling James picks the album as one of his "Favorite Revelations of 2002" in the Dec. 27, 2002, edition of LA Weekly.
  • A critic's year-end poll in the December 2002 issue of Holland's main music magazine Oor shows D.F.F.D. at No. 2.
  • Proof we read the articles: Playboy gives the new album a 9.
  • The webzine/webstore affiliated with Stooz Records in NYC includes a review of D.F.F.D., plus a writer ranks it third in his Top 12.
  • The 'Tators have been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the website the Rawk.
  • El diario de Peter PUNK features a November 2001 interview with Andy (published in Spanish).
  • Brian Smith of Phoenix New Times picks the album as one of his faves.
  • The album makes fourth on Editor in Chief Frank Meyer's year-end list.
  • D.F.F.D. makes a Boston Globe critic's Top Ten list for 2001.
  • The AMG All Music Guide calls D.F.F.D "a non-stop barrage of spitfire precision rock."
  • This article from Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung appeared on Dec. 15, 2001. Here it is in English.
  • German-based Enough Fanzine features a December 2001 interview with Andy.
  • Spanish mag Ruta 66 interviews Andy about the new album and the band's Spanish tour: Page 1, Page 2
  • A review of D.F.F.D. in Spanish appeared in Ruta 66. Page 1, Page 2
  • RIFF Fanzine has a review (in Spanish) of the Nov. 17, 2001, show in Jerez, Spain.
  • The Jan. 11, 2002, Entertainment Weekly mentions the band in "Gimme Five Choice Cuts For Your Mix Tape": "THE DICTATORS, 'I Am Right!' (from D.F.F.D.) We're not arguing with you, Handsome Dick -- honest."
  • The Village Voice interviews the band and explains where the 'Tators got "D.F.F.D."
  • Billboard magazine says the Dictators may be the answer to the musical question "Who Will Save Rock 'n' Roll?"
  • Entertainment Weekly: "[The Dictators are] back to claim their manifest destiny with undiminished strength."
  • Rolling Stone gets on the bandwagon.
  • The Orgie Newsletter uses phrases like "god-like genius" and opines, "In a just world [D.F.F.D.] should sell by the truckload."
  • "All killer, no filler," says the All Music Guide.
  • lets the people rate the records.
  • A review in Seattle weekly The Stranger says the band's "pisstakes seem to be lacking."
  • Jeroen Vedder, the mastermind behind the Orgie Newsletter, wrote this CD review, in Dutch.
  • The I-94 Bar says the album rates five Rolling Rocks.


  • Andy talks about the new album and the sorry state of rock in the Nov. 10-16, 1999, issue of the Cleveland Free Times.
  • Read an October 1999 interview with Andy Shernoff that appeared in Issue No. 9 of the Spanish fanzine La Oreja Metalika, in either English or Spanish.
  • The Boston Globe interviews Andy and HMD for May 1998's "The Dictators Grow Up."
  • Andy tells The Little Cracked Egg about the Dictators' being mistaken for the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany in 1977.
  • Ross tells the Metal Zone about his band the Spinatras.
  • Read a January '98 Q&A with Andy at World Wide Punk.
  • Take a look at a fun Q&A with Ross, this time by Metal Mama. Favorite Ross non-sequitar: "Did we sleep together?"
  • A magnificent 1997 interview includes this quote: "There I was, this 210-pound guy with an afro and a wrestling outfit throwing hamburgers at a crowd of Rush fans staring back at us in horrified shock. I don't think the world, or that part of it, at any rate, was ready for us yet."
  • Teengenerate Andy Shernoff explains why he lives for Cars 'n' Girls in a 1996 interview.
  • Online music resource Musical Notes spotlights "The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!" in its Proto-Punk section.
  • Check out this flier for a Dictators gig at the late lamented Coney Island High.
  • Issue 19 of POPsmear magazine goes the distance with Handsome Dick. Issue 20 contains the photo spread he's in about the Manson Family murders. There's also a Making Of the Manson spread that includes interesting background info, photos and RealPlayer movies.
  • The band's history, from the beginning to the early '90s, is outlined in Issue No. 26 of the Suburban Voice.
  • Here's a poster for the Dictators/Lunachicks Aug. 19, 1991, concert at Winnipeg's Spectrum Cabaret.


  • The March 5, 1986, issue of Aquarian Weekly includes an interview with HDM and review of the band's Jan. 24, 1986, concert at New York City's Ritz. Ira Robbins also reviewed the show in the Feb. 4, 1986, Village Voice.
  • "The Very Last Dictators Interview" appeared in the FFanzeen 1980 Year-End issue.
  • This review of the 'Tators at Irving Plaza on New Year's Eve 1986 appeared in the debut issue of The Breaking Point in February of 1987. Think: FOOD FIGHT!


  • Trouser Press interviewed Andy and Top Ten right after the recording of Bloodbrothers.
  • "Borneo Jimmy," Richard Meltzer, encapsulated the band's history and manifesto in the March 1978 issue of Creem.
  • The December 1977 issue of England's Zig Zag featured the Dictators after they toured there.
  • "We ain't no New Wave, Jack, we're the Tidal wave!!!" quoth Handsome Dick to Sounds on Nov. 5, 1977. Check out the photo that accompanied it here
  • "Dictators....deprogrammers of the first order!" trumpeted Bomp magazine in November of 1977.
  • Punk magazine put the Dictators on its October-November '77 cover and wrote up this account of the group's beginnings.
  • Bomp! spoke to Andy about the upcoming Manifest Destiny album in "Dictators Go Stir Crazy!" from its winter '76-'77 issue.
  • This article on the new phenomenon of punk rock in the Sept. 19, 1976, edition of the Daily News Sunday Magazine featured the 'Tators on the cover and includes some quotes from HDM. Cover 1, Cover 2, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.
  • Bomp! reviews Bloodbrothers in "No Bronx Cheers Here!"
  • The Dictators weren't fooling around on "Manifest Destiny." So says the writer of this essay first published in Back Door Man No. 12, July-August 1977.
  • Lester Bangs reviewed "The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!" in Penthouse magazine in 1975.
  • "Dictators RIP? DFFD!" appeared in Kicks in spring 1979.
  • Check out a cool flier for a show featuring the Dictators, Mink DeVille and Blondie here.
  • This ad was for a Dictators show at Zeppz.
  • Robert Barry Francos, publisher of FFanzeen magazine (1977-88), has posted his photos of the band here. You'll have to look through a few different albums to see them all, but there are lots of other goodies to see there, too.
  • A trio of classic Dictators images are archived at CBGB Photo History , courtesy of the legendary club CBGB.
  • A pre-"Manifest Destiny" love letter to the 'Tators appeared in the second issue of New Order in 1977.
  • Some guy named Adny Shernoff reviewed the New Paltz, N.Y., Kinks/Aerosmith concert for Phonograph Record Magazine in May 1973.
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