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Scott Kempner   Ross the Boss   J.P."Thunderbolt" Patterson   Handsome Dick   Andy Shernoff



To Helen With Love (Helen Wheels tribute cd, 2001, Cellsum) - lead guitar on "Lover's Loan"; guitar, vocal on "Chimes of Freedom"
Tenement Angels (cd, 1992, Razor & Tie)
"Listening to Elvis" with Syd Straw on Luxury Condos comp
David Roter Method - Bambo (lp, Unknown Tongue, 1987) - background vocals
Appeared on two Ed Pettersen albums - guitar (also see producing credits; note: Pettersen covers "Cheyenne" on one)


Dion 'n' the Little Kings: Live in New York (cd, Ace, 2001)
The Road I'm On: A Retrospective (1997, Columbia Legacy)

The Brandos

In Exile (Live) (SPV, 1995)
The Light of Day (SPV, 1994)

The Del-Lords

Get Tough: The Best of the Del-Lords (cd, Restless, 1999)
Lovers Who Wander (includes a version of "Stay With Me") (lp, Enigma, 1990)
Howling at the Halloween Moon (lp, Enigma, 1989) (lp, Demon UK, 1989)
Cheyenne/River of Justice (7", Enigma UK)
Cheyenne/River of Justice/Hand to Mouth (12", Enigma UK, 1989)
Based on a True Story (lp, Enigma, 1988) (Enigma UK & NL, 1988)
Soldier's Home/No Waitress No More (7", EMI/Enigma, 1986)
Johnny Comes Marching Home (lp, EMI/Enigma, 1986) (EMI NL, 1986)
Frontier Days (lp, EMI/Enigma, 1984) (lp, Demon UK, 1985)

Producing Credits

Dowdy Smack - Aren't You Delicious? (Raven Music, 1997)
Scott McClatchy - Blue Moon Revisited (Rockadillo Records, 1997)
Dion - The Road I'm On (2 songs, Columbia Legacy, 1997)
Ed Pettersen - Somewhere South of Here (2 songs, Tangible Music, 1997)

Co-writing Credits

David Roter - Mr. Good Foot



"Rockaway Beach" - on Frankenstein 3000's America's Hit Remakers (2005)
To Helen With Love (Helen Wheels tribute cd, 2001, Cellsum) - intro
Ju Ju Hand (on Sam the Sham tribute "Turban Renewal," lp, Norton, 1994)
Dance, Dance, Dance (on "Smiles, Vibes & Harmony," lp, De Milo, 1990)
Little Egypt (spoken intro on the A-Bones' Norton lp, ED 224)
Cake and Eat It (lead vocals, cowriting credit on cp by Stop, featuring Joey Ramone's brother Mickey)
King of Night Train remix by the Nomads (also features Joey Ramone)
America the Beautiful/Too Much Fun (2-song demo as Lonesome Dick Manitoba, with Clarence Clemons on sax)
Backing vocals on a track by Joey Ramone and Die Toten Hosen (Blitzkrieg Bop, Virgin Germany LP)

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom

(with Andy Shernoff, Ross the Boss, J.P. "Thunderbolt" Patterson)

...And You? (lp, MCA 6367, 1990) Click here for lyrics
...And You? (cd, MCA 6367-2, 1990)
...And You? (lp, MCA MCG 6087, UK 1990)
...And You? (cas, MCA MCGC 6087, UK 1990)
...And You? (cd, MCA DMCG 6087, UK 1990)
An international MCA record number was also given to this record (257200-1 for the LP and 257200-2 for the CD), if such pressings exist these are possibly German in origin.

Fired Up (cd-single, 1-track promo, MCA CD45-18180, 1990)
The Party Starts Now!! (Edit), The Party Starts Now!! (LP version) (cd-single, 2-track promo, MCA CD45-18347, 1990)
Haircut and Attitude (12" extended), Haircut and Attitude (7" Edit), Haircut and Attitude (Dub), Haircut and Attitude (LP version) (12", 4-track promo, MCA 18457, 1990)
New York, New York (LP Version), New York, New York (Edit) (cd-single, promo, MCA CD45-18518, 1990)
Fired Up appears on promo-only CD called Hard Hitters Vol. 7
The Party Starts Now!! (was in the movie Kindergarten Cop but not on soundtrack album)
New York, New York (on Mondo New York soundtrack, Great Jones Records)


The Master Plan

Colossus of Destiny (2004)
What's Up With That? (7", Carbon 14, 1999)
Find Something Beautiful, You're Mine (7", Blood Red Vinyl & Discs, 1999; note: split ep with the Full Time Men)

The David Roter Method

With Al and Joe Bouchard from the Blue Oyster Cult and Jack Rigg
They Made Me (cd, Cellsum Records, 2001)

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom

See above

The Rhythm Kings

The Bel-Airs

(With J.P. Patterson)

Producing Credits

The Blood Drained Cows (Triple XXX records, to be released in 2002)
The Sin City Six (Locomotive Records, released 2000 in Spain)
The Kowalski's - All Hopped Up on Goofballs (Blackout Records, 1999)
The Figgs - Couldn't Get High (cd, Absolute A Go Go Records, 1998)
The Electric Playboys - Electric Hi-Fidelity (cd, Impossible Records, 1998)
The Electric Playboys (ep, Impossible Records, 1997)
Untamed Youth - Untamed Melodies (cd, Norton, 1996, note: compilation)
Amphetamine Discharge - Parking (cd, Roto, 1996)
Untamed Youth - California Street/Jennie Lee (7", Norton, 1996)
Stop - Never (cd, Bomp!, 1995; note: coproduced several tracks)
Prisonshake - The Roaring Third (cd, Scat, 1995)
David Roter Method - Find Something Beautiful (cd, Unknown Tongue, 199?; note: 4 tracks)
Guided by Voices - I Am a Scientist (ep/cd, Scat/Matador, 1994)
The Waldos - Rent Party (cd, Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1994)
D Generation - Wasted Years/Waiting for the Next Big Parade (7", Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1994)
D Generation - No Way Out/Guitar Mafia (7", Gasatanka, 1993)
Vacant Lot - ... Because They Can (lp, Shake SAL 205, 1992; note: includes a version of Loyola
Vacant Lot - Just One Night/Neighborhood Girls (7", Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 190, 1992)
Golden Horde - Album (lp/cd, Mother Records, 1991)
Barracudas - Wait for Everything (lp/cd, Shake, 1990)
Barracudas - I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday/Remember (7", Shake, 1990; note: both tracks remixed by Andy)
Adrenalin OD - Ishtar (cd, Restless,1990)
Manitoba's Wild Kingdom - ... And You? (lp/cd, MCA, 1990)
Untamed Youth - More Gone Gassers (lp, Norton, 1990)
Untamed Youth - Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down/Santa's Midnight Run (7", Norton, 1989)
Untamed Youth - Some Kinda Fun (lp, Norton, 1988)
Alter Boys - Soul Desire (lp, Bigtime, 1987)
Zantees - Rhythm Bound (lp, Bomp, 1982; lp, Rockhouse, 1984)
Wheelers and Dealers - My Mother, My Sister, My Wife/Out of the Frying Pan and Into Desire (Deisel Only)
Sic F*cks (12" ep, Sozyamuda, 1982)
Cyclones - You're So Cool/RSVP (7", Little Ricky MT8001, 1981)

Songwriting/Co-writing Credits

Mary Weiss - "You're Never Gonna See Me Cry" off Dangerous Game (2007)
Joey Ramone - "Stop Thinking About It" off Don't Worry About Me (2002)
The Toilet Boys - co-wrote the song "Ride" (released 2001 on Master Plan Records in the USA and on Cargo in Europe)
Park Central Squares - Suburban Soul Man (Donnie Thompson from the Skeletons)
Dee Dee Ramone - Chinese Bitch
Ramones - All Screwed Up
Ramones - I Won't Let It Happen Again
Ramones - Ignorance Is Bliss
Ramones - It's Gonna Be Alright
David Roter - Coney Island Baby
David Roter - Find Something Beautiful
David Roter - Human Time Bomb
David Roter - I Shot Dr Krugman
Alter Boys - Staring at the Walls

Guest Appearances

To Helen With Love (Helen Wheels tribute cd, 2001, Cellsum) - harmony vocal on "Sinful Love," second vocal on "Room To Rage"
Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
Fleshtones - Solid Gold Sound (lp, Blood Red Vinyl BRLP 12014, 2001) - "choral supplements"
David Roter - Find Something Beautiful
Joey Ramone - In Their Own Words (live compilation from the Bottom Line, Vol 1, Razor and Tie, 1994) - guitar
Fleshtones - Powerstance (lp, Big Beat, 1992) - bass on all tracks except for "Living Legends"
Ramones - Mondo Bizarro (lp, Radioactive Records, 1992) - guitar
Ramones - Brain Drain (lp, Sire Records, 1989) - bass
Zantees - Rhythm Bound (lp, Bomp, 1982; lp, Rockhouse, 1984) - bass on "Ruby's Place"
Alone in the Dark movie with the Sic F*cks
Joey & Friends - No Title (Bootleg ep, red vinyl): Live recordings of "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)," "For Your Love," "Sonic Reducer," "The Wind Cries Mary," "Go Lil' Camaro Go," "I Wanna Be Sedated," "Loudmouth." Lineup is Joey Ramone (vocals), Daniel Rey (guitar), Andy Shernoff (guitar), Cheetah Chrome (bass), Chris Stein (drums), Debbie Harry (vocals).
Syntax - Lineup is Greg Thornwood (piano, organ, vocals), Ellen Watkins (lead, rhythm guitar), Bruce Brody (keyboards), Adny Shernoff (bass, percussion) Lenny Calderon (drums); Adny plays bass on all tracks and is noted as associate producer; Tracks are "Desublimation"/"Move On," "F Stop". (7", Valhalla VHS 6002, 1982).



Thunderboss: Thunderbolt Patterson With Ross the Boss (cd, Poptown, 2006)

The Spinatras (cd, CMC International, 2000)

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom

See above


Check here for discography


Heyday (cd, Room, 1994)

Shakin' Street

Shakin' Street (lp, CBS 84115, 1980)
Solid as a Rock/Generation X (7", CBS UK, 1980)

Total Crudd

Producing Credits

First Anthrax demo
3 or 4 songs on the Blacklace album "Unlaced," from the mid-80s

Guest Appearances

To Helen With Love (Helen Wheels tribute cd, 2001, Cellsum) - lead guitar on "Room To Rage"
Hellacopters - Payin' the Dues (lp, White Jazz, 1997; Sub Pop, 1999) - lead guitar on "Psyched Out & Furious"
David Roter Method - Find Something Beautiful



Thunderboss: Thunderbolt Patterson With Ross the Boss (cd, Poptown, 2006)

Michael Fredo

Tommy Hilfiger World Tour (Quincy Jones Music)

The Bel-Airs

(With Andy Shernoff)

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom

See above

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

A National Health Care (lp/cd, Go Kart Records 0018-2)
The Anti-Naturalists (lp/cd, Triple X Records 51199-2)

Die Donnergotter

Rhys Chatham (lp, Homestead Records, 120-2)

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Twisted Sister

Check here for discography

Producing Credits

Sevendust - Sevendust (cd, 1997)



Special thanks to Jeroen Vedder, Steve Coleman, Lindsay Hutton, Sal Cincotta and Stephen Halpern. Additions and corrections should be sent to
Scott Kempner   Ross the Boss   JP Patterson   Handsome Dick   Andy Shernoff